October 27, 2021

Reason Board Company

Reason Board Company was born from the love of all things shred. With over three decades of strapping in and destroying snow, two decades of manufacturing expertise, and one decade of research and design experience, founder; Dave Jessen is proud to unleash his creations upon the world.

At Reason, we pride ourselves in dropping every available resource into our products as opposed to indulgent marketing campaigns and overpaid athletes. Our snowboards, splitboards, powsurfers, split-powsurfers and snowskates are made of carefully selected materials which allow us to produce some of the most versatile sideways sticks on the market.

Dave’s lifelong passion for the shred shows itself through his designs. Once you step onto a Reason, you’ll understand and fall in love all over again. The float, the carve, the pop, that feeling of pure uninhibited freedom. You know the passion. That is the Reason.


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